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Why use Highland Woodchip Company?

Highland Woodchip is dedicated to producing and supplying top quality wood chip fuel. We are a BSL registered company with full RHI compliance.

Central Woodchip offers a range of products and services suited to commercial, industrial and domestic users. With two branches across Scotland we are able to cover a large radius.

BSL authorised, for full RHI compliance

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What is the difference between wood pellets, wood chips and logs?

The table below provides a breakdown of the difference between these wood fuels in terms of physical characteristics, fuel feed systems, access and delivery issues and the space required.

Wood Chip Fuel Specification

Strive for Better Efficiency

P16A Wood Chips (previously G30)
Length 10-30 mm (20% up to 85mm)
Width 2.5-1.6mm
P45A Wood Chips (previously G50)

Length 30-50m (20% up to 120mm)
Width 5.6-31.5mm

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The key to ‘fuel cost savings’ is improving its calorific value ie ‘moisture’, we aim to deliver chip at your desired moisture content required for your boiler, this can be achieved via our quality seasoned timber and our specially designed factory drying floor. Thereafter, it’s up to your fuel storage and Boiler, most Boilers will have a ‘Stepped Grate System’ within the burn chamber, this helps to further dry the chip before entering the combustion zone, and on most occasions should get your fuel to the required moisture. As per the above graph, this will create a higher ‘Heating Value’ that can be 4090kWh per tonne @ 20 to 25% MC.

The performance of Microgeneration Solid Biofuel Heating Systems is impossible to predict with certainty due to the variation of the climate, your fuel storage and Boiler set up, our aim is to deliver the correct levels of moisture however due to factors outwith our control this may vary.

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