Machinery and Equipment

Plant and machinery play a big part in the delivery and production of top quality woodchip.

Jenz HEM 700 Chipper

Our Jenz chipper is made by one of the market leaders in European wood chipping machinery, known for innovation in design, a strong and durable build and the very finest quality of chip. It is purpose built for biomass wood fuel. The unique cutting system design of our machinery means our chip is as uniform as possible.


Our chipper is high powered and high producing – an impressive piece of kit!

We are frequently asked about production capacity. Manufacturer’s guidance gives 50-60 tons per hour dependent on particle size required, this normally equates to 400 tons per day, but in practice volume is highly dependent on a variety of factors, such as timber species, moisture content and presentation of the timber.

Jenz ,HEM 700 Chipper

Screening Equipment – Finlay Terex 683 track star Screen

We have a Finlay Terex Screen on site, and this ensures Quality Control.

With No fines and NO oversized chips, you can be assured that Boiler breakdowns will not be a result of your woodchip fuel from CWC Ltd.

Our chipper produces the very best quality chip, and the Screening Process ensures the correct Particle sizing and Drying to your Specified Moisture Content.

By adjusting the cutting depth of the blades and screen sizes, we can produce a full range of chip specifications – G30, G50 or G100. We can also supply a range of Moisture Contents, to meet each of our customer’s requirements, for whatever suits your Boiler.

The correct specification is very important to ensure smooth auger-in feed, preventing blockages and bridging within the fuel store. The recommended particle size for your particular boiler is also important to ensure optimum burning efficiency.

Screening Equipment – Finlay Terex 683 track star Screen

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