We understand how important premium quality wood fuel is to our customers.

Why Choose Highland Woodchip

Quality Screened Woodchip

Quality Screened Woodchip

Waste or recycled wood is not recommended for use in most biomass boilers and poses a high risk of damage to our machinery, as well as to our customers’ boilers and equipment. Therefore, we only process quality virgin round wood log from FSC approved suppliers for woodchip fuel ensuring we produce premium quality woodchip, as well as maximising calorific value.

Our drying floors with 360m2 allow us to supply woodchip with anything from 15%-40% moisture content, whatever suits your Boiler.

Additionally, with our close affiliation with the Forestry Commission, we firmly believe in sustainability and only take timber from sustainable sources.

As a market leading supplier, we have strong relationships and a presence in the wood fuel supply chain which means we are able to source roundwood log for Biomass fuel from local and national suppliers, in which case we always have a buffer stock.

Woodchip should be stored under cover to prevent wetting, however good airflow is necessary to disperse water vapour and minimize the chance of composting and mould formation. In addition, stack height should be kept below 10 m to prevent heat build-up from composting and the potential for spontaneous combustion.

Delivery/Collection Options

Delivery/Collection Options

We offer two options: Walking floor delivery or Collection.

Walking floor deliveries are ideal if you use larger quantities of woodchip and have the ability to store a large amount of woodchip on site.

Collections are ideal for customers who have smaller woodchip storage areas.

All deliveries are made using our own vehicles and drivers.

If you would like to find out more about our Biomass District Heating and would like to reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs, then we are more than happy to help! Please pop us a little message or call us on: 0800 193 6799